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Massage & Healthy Living

Massage & Healthy Living is at Athletic Lab / Cary CrossFit, once a week (different day/times).  Reserve your 15 minute spot by writing your name in the time-slot you want.  A brief intake-form is filled out and your therapist will ask you about your expectations.  Your safety and privacy is important to us and kept confidential.  We sanitize our table and all “tools” we use to keep them free of pathogens / bacteria.  We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, & Discover cards.  For questions or concerns please contact Dre at:  980-354-LMBT or email at

You may also book with us at our main office in Cary, NC listed below.

Register for Popular Couples Massage Workshop


Available Dates:
May 14th, June 11th, or July 9th
3 pm – 5 pm
North Pointe Body Therapies
3101 Guess Rd, Suite B. Durham, NC

Register for this popular 2 hour class while space is available.

Dre, your instructor will provide a short 15 minute lecture and guide you and your partner through the basic strokes of Swedish massage and the basics of passive assisted stretching.  Soft spa like music will be played in the background.  You will learn how to flow smoothly around the entire body from head to toes in both prone and supine positions.  Massage will be done on the floor in a small yoga room setting using massage lotion.  NOTE:  This class requires the participant to be fairly flexible without any MAJOR hip, ankle or knee joint issues!  You will be on the floor either sitting or kneeling.  Loose fitting clothes and/or athletic shorts may be worn and women may wear bathing suit bikini tops. We honor modesty and privacy and only the areas being worked on will be exposed.

You will need to bring the following: 

  • Something soft to laydown on like a sleeping bag

Watch Live Demo of Ashiatsu Massage

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Massage & Healthy Living with North Pointe Body Therapies present:

Think Outside The Box
Watch a Live Demo of Ashiatsu Deep Feet Therapy

When:  Monday April 11, 2017, 4:30 – 6:30 pm at Athletic Lab


Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy® aka Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy® is a deep compression barefoot massage where the therapist utilizes parallel bars on the ceiling for support and balance. This massage is like no other deep tissue massage you have ever experienced! Using gravity and their body weight, the therapist is able to deliver a consistently deep pressure massage with the feet. Its great for those who suffer from chronic conditions such as back/hip pain, shoulder pain, or scoliosis. It’s also extremely beneficial for crossfitters, runners, cyclists and all types of athletes looking for treatment and prevention of injuries, increased range of motion, fast recovery and long lasting results!

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Dre Vazquez, Owner of MHL-Massage and Healthy Living, Cary, NC.
Julie Marciniak, Owner of North Pointe Body Therapies, Durham, NC.

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Athletic Lab & MHL together

athleticlabWe are pleased to announce that Athletic Lab, the premier sport science research & training facility in NC and our studio have agreed to offer *10% off for customers.   If for example you are a member of AL and visit us for massage & bodywork, you will be awarded 10% off services.  MHL clients will receive 10% off at Athletic Lab/Cary CrossFit.

*Please note:  Athletic Lab offer not valid for private personal training.

Watch Cupping Therapy

imageHere is a wonderful example of Cupping Therapy. In the video the therapist uses a method called Fire Cupping.  Not a lot of people know about Cupping and are a little apprehensive about trying it but just about everyone loves it & wants more!
At our studio, we don’t use the fire method, not because it isn’t good but we prefer the manual suction cups instead.  Contact us if you want to book a Cupping session.

St. Patty’s Day Contest

It’s Contest time! You could win a free 90 minute massage of your choice worth $100.00.
1. Follow us on Instagram @massageandhealthyliving
2. Tag 3 people
3. Repost photo on your feed
4. Use hashtag #healthetriangle
One lucky Winner will be selected the day after St. Patrick’s Day this month!!! Location in Durham or Cary. See website for info, address, and services. Good luck. 📍🍀


The King of Oils “Frankincense”

Frankincense deserves its reputation as the “King of Oils”.

1. Heal wounds from cuts, scrapes, and burns.  For even greater benefit, apply Lavender essential oil first then layer Frankincense on top. 

2. Reduce and fade scars. 

3. Relieve the symptoms of gout. 

4. Foster strong immune system. 

5. Stress and anxiety management. 

6. Mitigate depression and feelings of helplessness. 

7. Anti-aging. 

8. Replacement for NSAIDS/Advil. 

9. Colds and congestion. 

10. Relieve itching. 

11. Relieve arthritis pain and swelling. 

12. Clear up cystic acne. 

13. Relaxation. 

14. Remove moles, skin tags, and warts. 

15. Reduce swelling from insect bites. 

16. Enhance vision. 

17. Remove musty odors. 

18. Restless leg syndrome. 

19. Oral Health: Useful as preventative measure against oral health problems such as bad breath, toothaches, cavities, canker sores, and other infections.

20. Promote sleep and prevent insomnia. 

21. Boost the healing power of homemade remedies and beauty products. 

22. Enhance the efficacy of other essential oils. 

This month we are highlighting this “King”.  Add it to your massage treatment for just $4.00.