Barefoot Bar Massage

The continuous deep tissue pressure you are able to deliver with the feet covers much larger areas at once than the hands.  The foot is broad and makes the compression smooth and sumptuous not bony or prodding like using an elbow, thumb or massage tool.  The consistent pressure is easily maintained hour after hour.  Consumers feel like they got a 2 hour deep tissue massage in about 40 minutes.  They get relieve from chronic inflammation faster than that of a normal massage.  Clients feel like they got more “bang for their buck”.  The results of those suffering from chronic back, neck and shoulder pain have amazing testimonials.  Our clients show dramatic results with better posture and over all well being.   Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (AOBT) is a barefoot massage technique using deep strokes from the therapists’ feet.  It is a western version of an ancient form of bodywork, with roots dating back thousands of years from cultures across Asia, India, Africa and the Pacific Rim.
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