FREE Color Therapy

What is your favorite color? Colors have been an important part of human history right since the ancient ages. Each color has its own distinct effect. Some colors encourage excitement, whereas others make a person angry and yet other colors give a person a feeling of peace and gratification.
What is your favorite color?

It may not seem very obvious, but colours play a greater role in our lives than most of us realise. In fact, colours can be so influential on the human mind and body, that they are even considered to have healing properties. Like many other alternative treatments, Colour Therapy has grown in popularity over the years and is one of the most sought after treatments today.

Benefits of Colour Therapy
Light is considered to be one of the purest healing forces in the universe. The presence or absence of light can affect the Hypothalamus, Pituitary and Pineal glands. This, in turn, can influence our physical and mental health. We’ve listed a few of the various benefits that come from using colour therapy below:
a) Safe and pain-free so it can be used for children, adults and elderly alike
b) Addresses the physical symptoms of an ailment and also its non-physical origin
c) Balances the Chakras in the body
d) Has a positive influence on not only physical levels but also mental and spiritual levels
e) Helps meditation and relaxation, and can enlighten and transform an individual
f) Eliminates emotional blockages before they can manifest as mental or physical illnesses
Apart from theses benefits, colour therapy can improve awareness and help individuals understand the need for including certain colours in their daily lives. It can also help natural healing in a body, enabling overall well-being.

Add-On this service to any of our massages for FREE!

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