The Sway Sway Back

Do any of these photos look like you? Email me to find out how to correct your posture and decrease your pain while increasing your flexibility and mobility!


🔒 Overactive/tight hamstring drives the hips forward causing:
🔒elongated and weak hip flexors
🔒 end of range hip extension in standingweak gluteal muscles
🔒 anterior translation of femoral head
🔒 elongated/weak external oblique
🔒 short internal oblique, pulls lower ribs forward/down
🔒over-active muscles in the thoraco-lumbar junction
🔒 upper cross syndrome

Common injuries associated with the Sway back posture

Hip: Arthritis, impingement, labral tears, bursitis, hip flexor tendinopathy, hamstring strains

Lower back: Muscular tension, facet joint degeneration, disc bulges

Shoulder: Impingement, bursitis, tears

Neck: Headaches, muscular tension, degneration

If you suffer from any of the above issues and have tried everything to try to get it better, your Sway back posture may be the leading cause! Come visit Massage & Healthy Living in Cary, NC. 980980-354-LMBT .

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